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Jewelry by Lady Unique

She Pretty PRETTYY 😍 🀩

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10k all gold single plated nameplate attached to a all gold chunky beaded necklace with a matching bangle.
Please include any name you want 9 letters or less on the cart page in the special instructions box. Also include bangle size as well.Β 

14k gold filled handmade beaded jewelry with a β€œunique” design attached to a 10k gold nameplate . No ❌ turn no ❌ tarnish

πŸ’œ Looking for a custom order feel free to email:

πŸ’œ Buy NOW Pay LATER options are also available

πŸ’œ Items ship via USPS

πŸ’œProcessing time : 3/4 weeksΒ 



Things to avoid:

  • It’s best to not wear any gold plated/filled jewelry while entering a public pool, as these contain high levels of chlorine that can tarnish and damage the item. Especially the gold plated.
  • Gold plated/filled jewelry should also be removed before exercising, as constant exposure to salt and sweat can gradually damage the ornament. If forgotten no problem just wipe down ASAP.
  • It would also be a better idea to remove gold plated before applying creams, hairspray or lotions that contain a lot of chemicals. Gold filled needs to be removed when spraying any type of chemical.