Beaded jewelry can and will last for years however I do offer repair service if you should experience any issue and need repairs. Defects in the first 7-10 of receiving item the fee is on me after day 10 it is considered a repair. For repairs there is a fee and the fee depends on what’s needs to be fixed with the item or items.

Repairs consist of replacing :

broken, bent or crushed beads

replacing missing beads which result from item breaking. Ex. Kid pulling on necklace, snagging item on something, excessive water exposure which weakens the wire. 

Repair options are listed on the website just type in repairs in the search box or you contact me via email uniquebeads2016@gmail.com to discuss your repairs.

We do offer redips if and when the gold color starts to fade on your personalized jewelry items.  (gold plated nameplates) Within the first 2-3 weeks no charge after week 3 there is a $25 charge. Again as long as you follow the care instructions you can and will prevent the gold from fading or turning.