Meet the owner

Jewelry by Lady Unique which is also known as “Unique Beads” is owned and operated by Akita Taylor (that’s me)! AKA Lady Unique. I am a self taught beader and I have been making jewelry since October of 2009. I started out with a small bead kit from my local craft store (Michael’s) making bracelets for my family, friends and co workers. I feel in love with all colors and different designs you could make, like I thought it was neat. (I’m a color person) After about a year I started researching for better quality materials and in 2011 we became official in the bead world. All of my beaded jewelry pieces (gold,silver or rose gold) are handmade per order which means the designs may be slightly different. I want each customer that purchases from me to have their own “unique” yet similar but different design so I hope you are cool with that ladybug. 💜.
My journey as been absolutely amazing between creating and learning new techniques, the trials and errors of running a business and meeting new people. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In 2019 I went full time with my business and begin offering hands on training classes and wholesale inventory. So if you are looking to start making your own beaded jewelry whether for personal or to start your own jewelry line look into my classes which can be found on my wholesale website I would be honored to teach you the technique. (