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Jewelry by Lady Unique

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14k gold filled wire 20 gauge  

Things to avoid:

  • It’s best to not wear any gold plated/filled jewelry while entering a public pool, as these contain high levels of chlorine that can tarnish and damage the item. Especially the gold plated.
  • Gold plated/filled jewelry should also be removed before exercising, as constant exposure to salt and sweat can gradually damage the ornament. If forgotten no problem just wipe down ASAP.
  • It would also be a better idea to remove gold plated before applying creams, hairspray or lotions that contain a lot of chemicals. Gold filled needs to be removed when spraying any type of chemical.

Customer Reviews

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Sierra Nock
Custom Urn Pendant Necklace

I sent urn pendants to have a customized necklace made and I absolutely loved all of them! The owner was very professional and responded to all of my emails. She was excited to make my keepsake and I could tell she put so much love in it. Thank you!